About Us

We at Four Foxes Gallery have been shopping for our brick and mortar store at  Wholesale Merchandise Markets across America for almost thirty years.  That’s a long history of carrying away the best of the best to the 4 or 5 thousand people who visit our store every year.  We may be a little late to the game, but we thought it was time to share our treasures with a wider audience, i.e. The Internet.  While we are looking for new products all year long we make special buying trips two times a year, in the Fall and in the Spring.  We like to kee,,p things fresh and new so we will only restock an item 5 times.  What that means to you is if you see an item that is not available to back order that product has run it’s course and is about to be replaced with something new. So if you like it buy it because you might not see it again. We feature free shipping for all orders and all orders must total $25 or more.

Happy Shopping and come back often because our mission is to constantly have new products to offer.

Four Foxes