The ultimate kitchen tongs specially designed to not touch countertops. Open and close with a quick click of a button.  Silicone tips with waffle head design make picking up the smallest of foods a breeze.  Nonstick cookware and dishwasher safe.

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imageOur tongs are specially designed  to open and close with the click, to stand up off of your  countertop, to grip and not scratch with strong arms for delicate precision. The push of a button  is all it takes to open or lock your tongs. Just like the mechanism in a retractable pen it’s so easy to do it takes only one hand.  The tongs silicone tips are the ultimate grabbing and lifting tools. Their waffle head design make them ideal for serving while the flat tips make picking up the smallest of food a breeze. They won’t scratch your nonstick cookware and ar heat resistant to 500°F. The Tongs are formed from thick stainless steel in a c channel  profile for superior strength. The heavy duty rounded shape fits perfectly in the grip of your fingers making the tongs feel even every bit like an extension of your hands.  The special bent handle design leaves the grips up off of your countertop leaving both the grips and your countertop clean.